Pest Control: What To Do When Pests Attack?

Pest Control: What To Do When Pests Attack?

Targeted pest control should be early and effective.

Every year, the pleasant weather in the warmer seasons again causes the need for increased pest control. Pests and insects can cause considerable danger and damage.

Sting flies are particularly annoying and disturbing in private and gastronomic areas when sitting or celebrating in comfort. Accumulations of wasps can be dangerous in the building area as in a wasp nest.

One of the most common types of pest is wasp:

  • wasps
  • houseflies
  • mosquitoes
  • ants
  • moths
  • rats and mice
  • bugs and fleas
  • marten
  • spiders

Possibilities For Independent Pest Control In The House

Many hints and tips for pest control with household remedies are presented on the Internet. Unfortunately, practice often shows that these methods are not thorough or effective long enough. With some means no visible success adjusts itself. Nevertheless, it is worth a try to use natural substances to keep the pests away.

It is often recommended to keep ants away with coffee grounds, baking powder or tea tree oil. The smell of lemons, cloves or lavender should keep wasps away. The scent of mint, rosemary or tomatoes should repel mosquitoes. If the troublemakers nevertheless approach, products specially produced for pest control should be used. Read our article on how you can use your own “Pest control: mosquitoes, gnats, flies and wasps”.

Advantages Through The Targeted Selection Of Proven, Professional Products

As wasps are protected, rapid means of displacement or destruction should only be considered as a last resort. According to the provisions of § 20 d of the Nature Conservation Act, the destruction of wasps is prohibited. However, it is permitted in individual cases if this is necessary to avert a concrete immediate danger. Therefore this measure is permissible, if such a danger is present by wasps nests in the residential area.

As early as mid-April, wasp queens search for a nesting site and start building nests. In a wasp nest a wasp state with up to 8,000 wasps can develop. Wasp nests at windows, under canopies at house entrances, in roller shutter boxes as well as under terrace boards can not only be annoying, but also very dangerous.

Beside the threatening loud buzzing it can come very fast to the aggressive piercing of the wasps. This is possible if the wasps feel attacked or threatened by the immediate proximity of humans. In order to prevent further spreading and escalation, it is advisable to combat the wasps as quickly as possible with suitable means.

Fast Pest Control With Cit Wasp Foam

This should not be done with any insect spray. Otherwise, there is the danger that the wasps fly around particularly irritated and are aggressive and unpredictable. In particular allergy sufferers would be considerably endangered by wasp attacks.

Cit wasp foam has proven itself for the safe control of wasps. The special foam forms a barrier for wasps. This means that wasps’ nests can be reliably fought. When outdoors in private or gastronomic areas, annoying biting flies and wasps can considerably reduce the enjoyment of a piece of fruit cake or a soft drink.

In addition, contact with pests and unpackaged food can transfer impurities and pathogens. This can be prevented by positioning suitable insect killers in different places.

Effective pest control agents and products are:

  • electric insect killers;
  • adhesive traps with scent attractant;
  • adhesive traps as uv lamp;
  • HACCP insect killer for gastronomy, restaurant, public area;
  • insect sprays;
  • insecticides for spraying;
  • fragrances for keeping insects away;
  • wasp traps.

Ants And Moths Are Often Noticed Late

Ants and moths can cause an impairment of well-being that should not be underestimated. Unesthetic moths can multiply quickly and hardly noticed in large numbers and thus continuously increase the classic moth problem for clothing and food. Thorough and rapid remedy is therefore necessary.

The annoyance caused by ants is also usually noticed late. The problem becomes clear when objects set up on the terrace become uneven or the terrace becomes visibly uneven. As small as ants are: Innumerable diligent crawling animals can bring much into confusion. It also becomes clear that the path from the garden to the house is not far enough for ants.

They already enter through mini openings and find themselves in cavities that are difficult to reach. In the house ants do not make themselves only at food to create. It can come fast to annoying damages. The fight against individual, coincidentally visible ants does not do justice to the problem.

Insect Out: The Natural Alternative To Pest Control

Insect Out works reliably with herbal active ingredients against annoying insect infestations and pests such as:

  • wasps;
  • moths;
  • ants;
  • mosquitoes.

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