Pest Control for Pest Control – Assortment for Professionals & Private

Pest Control for Pest Control – Assortment for Professionals & Private

Fast, Thorough Pest Control With Professional Assistance

Without pest control, pests can severely disrupt everyday life and well-being. In order to eliminate the problem promptly and effectively, professional help should be sought. Authorities cannot be called upon for this purpose, as there is no publicity effect in an individual case. Trained pest controllers have the necessary means and instruments for pest control.

Without precise knowledge of the behavior of the pest species and their possible reactions, no amateur pest control should be attempted. The earlier an exterminator is used, the lower the damage caused by pests.

What Should Be Considered In Professional Pest Control?

Experienced, competent employees can identify the pests in each individual problem case. They inform those affected about the type of pest and its effects. Depending on the situation, there will be informative instructions on how to behave with regard to possible dangers and damage.

In addition, the procedure for pest control is explained and, if necessary, reference is made to legal provisions. If several effective methods and means of pest control are available, the gentlest, most cost-effective version is used. The goal is a reliable, fastest possible liberation from pests.

This includes in particular:

  • wasps;
  • ants;
  • rats;
  • mice;
  • bugs;
  • fleas;
  • moths;
  • spiders;
  • cockroaches;
  • marten;
  • pigeons;
  • flies;
  • houseflies;
  • woodworm.

Through research and the development of new active ingredients, innovative products are used as market novelties.

When fighting annoying wasp nests with highly effective foam and spray, house residents should temporarily stay in another room. When fighting a wasp nest, the exterminator wears light respiratory protection and dense clothing.

The highest commandment is the protection of people, pets and the environment in pest control. Beside the classical pest control and pest defense, disinfecting measures are possible. Depending on the pest infestation, clearing out may also be necessary. Pest controllers quickly and discreetly restore the pest to its proper condition.

The exterminator’s service also includes advising those affected on how to prevent intruders in the future. This includes the positioning and use of suitable pesticides.

Haccp Certified Products For Pest Control In The Food Industry

HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) is a European guideline for commercial and industrial companies, especially for the food industry. According to this, a coordinated prevention concept should guarantee the safety of food. This applies to the monitoring of foodstuffs from production through transport to storage.

Hazard analyses should be carried out with knowledge of the operational processes. Critical areas are documented and monitored more closely. Countermeasures are necessary if defined limit values are exceeded. Consumers should be prevented from being adversely affected by the consumption of food by observing HACCP. Products for pest control that meet these requirements are HACCP-certified.

Pest Controllers For Pest Control In The Private Sector

Wasps, insects or ants can make life difficult for the users. Everyone has more than respect for a wasp’s nest from which loud humming can be heard. Pests are hardly to be stopped on their advance with old household remedies. Many affected people feel overwhelmed by pests because they do not want to deal with them for aesthetic and hygienic reasons. What you can do against pests yourself can be found in our article “Pest control: What to do when pests attack”.

It is not unusual for shame to prevent an informative exchange with other people. Compared to proven specialists, there is also the disadvantage of having to resort to any of the widely available means. These are usually too expensive and not sufficiently effective. Exterminators behave during their task perception as inconspicuously as possible, in order not to make unnecessarily attentive to the problem.

The service of the exterminators also includes advising those affected on how to prevent unwanted pests in the future. Thus branches and shrubs should not reach directly up to the house. Food remainders and garbage should be disposed in each case. To the customer satisfaction cost transparency and a written listing of the met measures are important contributions.

The following factors can be cost-relevant:

  1. Old or new construction.
  2. The nature of the pest or vermin.
  3. Level of difficulty of the control measure.
  4. Scope/effort of pest control (strength of infestation, size of infested area).
  5. Means used for the repair of damage.
  6. Disinfection measures.
  7. A number of pest control visits required.
  8. Means and measures for preventing recidivism.

Existing certificates should be presented to the person concerned unsolicited at the beginning of the consultation. In rented flats, the landlord should also be informed as soon as possible and asked for permission.

Pest Control for Companies

Pest problems of all kinds can occur in catering establishments, canteen kitchens and bakeries as well as warehouses, agricultural operations or medical facilities. A fast and sustainable approach with specially developed products is advisable against pest problems typical for the industry.

Food industry businesses, supermarkets and retail outlets may also be affected. Proven, HACCP-certified products with suitable accessories are available for every pest control need.

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