Pest Control For Gastronomy & Hotel Business

Pest Control For Gastronomy & Hotel Business

Pest Control In The Gastronomy & Hotel Sector

Pest control has a high priority in the gastronomy and hotel sector. Due to the constantly large range of food and drinks, gastronomic businesses are particularly attractive to pests. The fresh food preparation and sugary drinks have a strong effect on wasps, mosquitoes and flies.

Especially when outdoors, guests can be disturbed when eating ice cream or fruitcake. Pests can transmit pathogens through contact with unprotected food. In addition, this sight is unaesthetic. Stings by wasps or mosquitoes are in the least case unpleasant and painful. For allergy sufferers worse consequences threaten.

In order to prevent these problems, an optimum protection against pests is appropriate in the catering trade and hotel trade. Guests want to enjoy their stay without restrictions. Therefore effective measures are in demand for the fight against pests.

What is to be considered particularly with the pest control in the catering trade & hotel trade?

Gastronomes and hoteliers are naturally subject to special hygiene regulations in the commercial sector. It makes sense to do everything from washing hands and disinfecting certain areas to the correct cooling and heating temperatures to protect food and guests.

In order to observe cleanliness and hygiene, the version of EU law applies in gastronomy and hotel operations. According to this, there is an obligation to self-inspection. Employee training courses on food hygiene are used for implementation. The HACCP concept is also a valuable orientation aid.

Due to the operational importance and the scope of protective measures, there is no alternative to pest control with professional products. Precaution therefore comes first.

Which pest control measures should be taken early and efficiently in the catering & hotel industry?

Some typical pests are usually particularly disturbing in gastronomic businesses. Wasps are more aggressive than bees and therefore more likely to sting. Mosquitoes and flies can also be a nuisance, especially at hot temperatures. Outdoor areas with a garden pond or fountain additionally increase the attractiveness of food and drinks.

Pesticides or insect killers used in good time, such as adhesive foils or insect sprays, can help to counteract this nuisance. Ants crawling everywhere can also disturb the desired peace and order. Crossing the barrier from the garden into the house is often no problem for the unstoppable insects.

Ants make themselves at food and other materials to create. Effective ant sprays stop the unwanted activities.

Effectively & Quickly Combat Wasps

A wasp nest in the closer area poses a special challenge. Wasp queens already start their nest search in April. Canopies, roller shutter boxes or other hidden cavities can serve as a place for nesting. When development is complete, a wasp state can comprise 6,000 to 8,000 wasps.

A sufficient distance should be maintained so that the wasps do not feel provoked and become aggressive. In addition, no hectic movements should take place. This could present itself in a catering trade enterprise as substantial impairment. Allergy sufferers, elderly people and small children are particularly at risk from wasp stings.

Therefore fast-acting countermeasures are absolutely necessary. In this case suitable professional products should be available and applicable for the fight of a wasp nest. Wasp foam and a special wasp spray effectively block the nest. Under no circumstances should attempts be made to distribute the wasps on their own with unknown pesticides. It is highly likely that wasps will react aggressively and unpredictably. You can find out which pesticides and insect killers are perfect for gastronomy and hotels in our article “5 fly traps for indoor use”.

For overnight guests in the hotel business, it is also important to ensure that uninvited guests such as moths stay away. A moth spray with a pleasant lavender scent is also recommended.

The Right Protection For Food And Guests

For the safe implementation of the HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) concept, HACCP-certified products are ideal. This means that pests can be avoided for the food to be protected without substances of the products used causing side effects.

Whether electrical insect killers or adhesive traps: Insects should be controlled at an early stage. In order for suitable products to be used quickly and in line with requirements, they should be available in sufficient quantities. A long delay until the application of a necessary pest control could lead to unnecessary criticism by guests or even to damage.

Preventive Measures For Pest Control In The Gastronomy & Hotel Industry

Especially in the warmer seasons, the incidence of pests increases every year. Preventive measures are worthwhile to ensure that the associated adverse effects on guests do not occur in the first place or only occur to a significantly lesser extent.

These include

  • insect killers, like electric lattice traps;
  • UV traps with adhesive surfaces;
  • fragrance traps;
  • insecticides and specially developed equipment.

In accordance with the HACCP concept, pesticides from the Cit range and Insect Out have proven their worth. This allows the desired effect to be achieved in the restaurant and hotel sector.

HACCP products for pest control are especially recommended for the hotel and restaurant industry. Our selection includes selected quality products that meet these requirements.

Highly effective, environmentally friendly substances (pesticides) produce the desired results. These include

  • electric insect killers;
  • adhesive foils and UV lamps;
  • insecticide dispenser;
  • vermin nebula;
  • moth spray.

This is the best way to prevent guests from being impaired by pests. If, despite precautions, disturbances caused by insects or vermin occur in individual cases, additional rapid defence options are available. Pesticides and products from Cit and Insect Out have proven particularly effective.

For timely prevention or control of pests, a permanent supply should be available in hotels and restaurants. In addition attractive quantity discounts are granted. For larger quantities, advantageous prices apply for business partners. We respond to an uncomplicated order with fast, reliable delivery. Simply get in touch with us. We will be happy to advise you according to your needs and wishes.

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