No More Funny: The Best Insect Traps In Comparison!

No More Funny: The Best Insect Traps In Comparison!

The insect trap is an effective remedy against the typical difficulties of summer – from drowned flies in drinks to severely stung skin, insect killers reduce such problems significantly. But what details do you need to pay attention to when buying?

What Are The Different Insect Traps?

Choosing the perfect insect trap is not always easy due to the wide range of different models. To make your decision easier, we will present some of the most effective variants below.

Insect Trap With Current Grid

The current grid is an electrical insect trap that can destroy unwanted insects – especially flying insects – on contact. Due to the high voltage, all pests are killed quickly and painlessly and end up in a collecting container.

In order to attract the small animals, modern power grids are equipped with UV fluorescent tubes or fragrances, which exert a strong attraction on flying insects such as mosquitoes or wasps.

Insect Trap With Glue Trap

The popular insect trap, the glue trap, also works with attractants and UV light: If an insect settles on the sweet-smelling or glowing adhesive surface, escape is impossible. This means that the animal can no longer be a nuisance to you.

Insect Trap With UV Insect Killer

Insect traps with UV insect killers are available in numerous shapes and sizes. Whether as an electric insect trap with fan or current grid: The UV insect killer is a reliable and hygienic means against disturbing insects. Thanks to its insecticide-free mode of action, UV tubes make the use of toxic chemicals superfluous and are therefore regarded as an extremely environmentally friendly method of pest control.

The Type Of Insect Trap Determines Its Location – Which Trap For Which Area?

Since mosquitoes, horseflies and other biting insects are attracted in particular by human and animal secretions and various food odors, insect repellents are required in a wide variety of sectors.

However, not every electrical insect trap is optimally suited for all locations. Therefore you should inform yourself about the characteristics including the application possibilities of the model before the purchase. Here we describe the following locations and applications for which there are specific electrical insect traps and solutions:

  • insect traps for private households;
  • insect traps for gastronomy with necessary food safety;
  • insect traps for industry;
  • professional insect traps for animal breeding and agriculture.

Private Household

When choosing an insect repellent for private use, the most important factors are safety, ease of use and, of course, your personal preference. The device must not interfere with everyday life and should be energy-efficient, which is why a low wattage power grid or an adhesive trap is ideal.


In the daily handling of food, a safe method of pest control that is as free of dirt as possible is indispensable. For this reason, models based on UV fluorescent tubes and fans are among the most popular insect killers in the catering industry. These tubes must comply with the valid HACCP guidelines (“Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points”), which serve to prevent hazards and ensure food safety.

This means in concrete terms: No toxic chemicals or easily breakable lamps may be used in the processing and preparation of foodstuffs.


For the professional use of insect killers in industry, criteria such as range of action and mode of operation must be considered. The latter should be considered especially in the food industry to avoid contamination of food with toxic insecticides.

Animal Husbandry And Agriculture

Professional electric insect traps for agriculture and livestock breeding. Unfortunately, farm animals such as cows, pigs and horses are also heavily affected by the insect plague. Stinging insects are not only a disturbance factor for the animals, but in the worst case can also transmit dangerous pathogens.

In order to keep the stables as pest-free as possible, UV insect killers such as electricity grids are ideally suited, as this avoids the use of insecticides.

Which Insects Can Be Driven Out Or Killed With A Modern Insect Trap?

Whether blow flies and ants in the trash can, small bloodsuckers like mosquitoes or potentially dangerous biting animals like wasps and hornets – almost every household has to fight with different insects. Fortunately, a suitable trap can destroy or repel most common species. These include moths and butterflies, horseflies, fruit flies and many other disturbing insects.

Can High-quality Insect Traps Also Be Used Extensively?

You should pay more attention to the range of action of the model. The range of a trap that will be responsible for use in large areas should cover the entire area of the area. In this way, small troublemakers can also be destroyed in the entire area.

What Does A High Quality Insect Trap Cost?

In general, the prices for an electric insect trap are higher than for a chemical version with attractants. In general, the purchase of a cheap model is a worthwhile investment for private households; professional businesses, on the other hand, benefit from higher quality equipment. These are usually in the range between 200 and 500 €, although more expensive, modern variants in the four-digit range are not uncommon.

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