Fly Traps For Restaurants: The Perfect Solutions

Fly Traps For Restaurants: The Perfect Solutions

Electric Flytrap For Restaurants: The Perfect Solutions

How the electric flytrap can help – Flying insects pose challenges to pest control time and again. In the restaurant they leave an unhygienic impression, are sometimes seen as possible carriers of diseases and stand in the way of a pleasant atmosphere.

Particularly in this sensitive public area, the flytrap can help to improve the overall impression. Especially in summer, the positive effect of this clean solution can hardly be overlooked.

What Attracts Flies, Wasps And Mosquitoes To Restaurants?

Everyone knows certain moments when uninvited insects are attracted. It is in the nature of the restaurant that the place is perceived as particularly attractive by the little pests. One of the sources of the problem, for example, is the elimination of fragrances:

  • food;
  • leftovers on the plates;
  • biowaste not sealed airtight;
  • Perfumes and similar fragrances.

Especially in large areas it is rarely possible to control all these attractive factors. The flytrap offers restaurants the opportunity not only to prevent the emission of fragrances. In addition, it is possible to render the once attracted insects harmless.

Which Electric Fly Traps Are Suitable For Restaurants?

In recent years, various solutions have been developed to provide consistent protection against insects in restaurants. Decent to decorative solutions are particularly in demand. These can be placed inconspicuously close to the tables without attracting unpleasant attention.

In order to be able to protect the entire public area, special attention must be paid to the wattage and the effective area when selecting the product. Some insect traps, such as the Cri-Cri insect killer 308E, are characterised by particularly effective shielding of the guest area. This is ensured by an effective range of 15 to 18 metres. In the upper price segment you will find devices that reliably protect an area of up to 200 square meters.

Flytraps Outdoor And Indoor

In principle, electric flytraps are suitable for use indoors and on large surfaces. The greater incidence of insects in large rooms and large areas means that greater performance and efficiency should be ensured in order to shield the entire guest area. Even a very powerful flytrap can be shielded from the eyes of the guests with a little skill in order to carry out the actual work unnoticed in the background.

In the interior, the choice of equipment depends primarily on the access points. If it is usual to open the doors to the guest room or large glazed areas in summer, this resembles an invitation for wasps and mosquitoes. In gastronomy, it is advisable to choose a slightly higher output to ensure that guests are adequately protected inside at all times. Electric insect killers can be used in many ways. Here are the all-rounders for the summer.

The Flytrap As Protection Against Flies, Wasps And Mosquitoes

Electric flytraps attract little pests with UV light in order to finally deal with the live grid. This is a principle that not only protects against the unwanted visit of mosquitoes.

Flies and wasps also perceive the UV light and are attracted by it in the direction of the flytrap. This also enables highly efficient protection against them. The frequency of the individual genera in the field of gastronomy does not have to be considered in the purchase decision due to the universal services.

What Does A High-quality Flytrap Cost?

In the category of high quality and reliable flytraps, the actual price is determined by the performance. Products with a small degree of efficiency, which is rather designed for private purposes, are already available in the online shop from about 70 Euros.

In order to increase the efficiency range so that the positive effect is not limited to just a few tables, a slightly larger investment is necessary. From the prominent manufacturers suitable products are to be found at present already starting from approximately 100 euro. Especially the products of Insect-O-Cutor are characterized by a good ratio of price and performance.

For restaurateurs, there is also the possibility of including the insect killer in the range of operating resources. This makes it possible to deduct the costs for tax purposes, which demonstrably make an important contribution to orderly business operations.

The following fly traps are recommended for this purpose:

  • electric flytrap;
  • UV flytraps;
  • HACCP Flytraps;
  • fan Flytraps.

Are you still looking for the right flytrap? Read also “Stop funny: The best insect traps in comparison”. Here you will find insect traps for different needs. Otherwise you will find a wide range of products for fly traps and electric insect killers on our website.

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