Fly Traps As Glue Traps – Stylish, Aesthetic, Good

Fly Traps As Glue Traps – Stylish, Aesthetic, Good

Fly traps, especially the classic glue traps, are a necessity in the gastronomy and hotel business. After all, everything here revolves around the well-being and comfort of the guests. The presence of humming and buzzing flies, wasps and/or mosquitoes stands in their way.

In addition, food professionals are legally obliged to keep vermin away from food and drink as well as from the guests themselves. Of course, this endeavor can only be realised with the help of high-quality and efficient fly traps.

Fly Traps Are Important Helpers For Happy Guests

In the hotel and catering industry, outstanding service together with first-class products are decisive for the success of a company. These elements are complemented by hygiene. When flies, mosquitoes, wasps and other insects cavort in the gastronomic landscape or in the interior of a hotel, this not only suggests a lack of cleanliness and commitment on the part of the management. “This article explains why the flytrap is such a good idea for restaurants.

Rather, guests run the risk of involuntarily coming into close contact with the little pests, or even of being attacked by them if they are stinging specimens. In addition, flies have proved to be real sources of infection, as they come into contact with a wide variety of surfaces and leave behind dirt and bacteria at their next rest.

Are All Fly Traps Hygienic?

This question can be answered with a clear no. You can only be sure if you opt for a so-called HACCP flytrap. This was specially designed according to the guidelines of the food industry and therefore promises maximum efficiency, quality and hygiene.

Another plus point: The outstanding performance of HACCP flytraps is achieved without the slightest use of chemicals. Accordingly, uninvited guests are effortlessly attracted and quickly and reliably destroyed. Germs and bacteria are also successfully killed.

The HACCP guidelines stand for “Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points”. According to European legislation, these must be complied with by traders who are subject to food law.

What Do I Have To Pay Attention To When Buying A HACCP Flytrap?

Easy operation and maintenance combined with maximum efficiency are just some of the features that characterize a superlative HACCP flytrap. In addition to different sizes, models and brands, there are also differences with regard to the lures used and the type of destruction.

The so-called adhesive traps alone are proving to be versatile all-rounders, which today not only hang from the ceiling in the form of simple strips provided with adhesive material, but rather come along as sophisticated, stylish devices which, in addition to UV light, also have an ingenious lock system.

In addition to the glue traps that are the focus of attention here, the so-called fan flytrap is also very popular. With this trap, the insects are “transported” into the interior of the device by the suction of the fan, where they are quickly and painlessly destroyed.

In comparison to the adhesive traps, which have a different lure mechanism, a certain noise level must be taken into account for the fan flytrap, which may prove to be disturbing in the interior.

A brief overview of the most important points:

  • HACCP Hygiene Standards;
  • aesthetic and effective;
  • with splinter protection (adhesive traps are therefore very suitable);
  • easy cleaning, maintenance and operation.

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