Electric Wasp Trap – This Is How You Really Get Rid Of Wasps!

Electric Wasp Trap – This Is How You Really Get Rid Of Wasps!

Electric wasp trap – the right protection for this summer. Being stung by a wasp is an extremely painful affair. In allergy sufferers, such a sting can even cause life-threatening reactions. So what do you do when the dreaded black and yellow striped insects fly around everywhere again in late summer?

With an electric wasp trap you can get rid of your worries in no time at all and enjoy life again. The different models also offer a wide range of possibilities for effective pest control.

What Actually Attracts Wasps?

Wasp lure – Especially in late summer, wasp plagues often occur. Whoever sits then with coffee and cake or would like to enjoy a lemonade with open window, receives fast uninvited attendance and can hardly resist the threatening appearing plague spirits. This can become a real problem, especially in the catering trade or in confectioneries. But what attracts the animals?

Until July, wasps feed themselves and their larvae mainly with protein from meat or insects. With summer, however, their own life cycle comes to an end. Their food becomes scarce and they increasingly search for sugar.

They not only plunge into the overripe fallen fruit, but also eat cakes, juices and desserts of all kinds. Actually, they have nothing bad in store for us. However, if they feel threatened by our hectic defensive movements, then they stab us. The use of pest control is therefore the ideal solution for many people. But pest control does not mean poison. You can find out more about the methods available for pest control in the article.

How Can Wasps Be Driven Out?

Enforcing wasps – There are various ways to control the plague of wasps and to eject the annoying troublemakers:

The most gentle method is a simple diversionary maneuver. You put up ripe fruit or other sugary foods at a safe distance and hope that the insects will use them and lose interest in the delicacies on the dining table.

The classic wasp trap made of glass or plastic works somewhat more deceitfully. Here sugar water or another sweet attractant is placed in a container, attracted insects fall into it and can no longer free themselves.

A proven, very effective insect killer is wasp spray. However, it contains pesticides, kills wasps as well as useful insects and is therefore not really suitable for continuous use. With a mildly dosed fragrance spray, on the other hand, an effective barrier can be built up that keeps insects of all kinds away without killing them.

In many cases, an electric wasp trap is also recommended as the means of choice. How this works and the advantages it brings are explained below.

Get Rid Of Wasps For Good With An Electric Wasp Trap

Electric Wasp Trap – If you’re looking for a powerful insect killer to get your problem under control, you should purchase an electric wasp trap for pest control.

The device uses state-of-the-art power grid technology and is suitable for closed rooms as well as large areas, large and open spaces. The electric wasp trap contains a fluorescent tube that attracts insects with UV light. On approach, they touch a live steel grid and die.

Since this method – in contrast to wasp spray – does completely without toxins, it is considered to be particularly environmentally friendly. It is also ideal for private use or gastronomy. This type of pest control has no negative effect on human health. Where there are children, chemical products should be avoided anyway, because the electric insect trap is a top solution.

What Types Of Electric Wasp Traps Are There?

Depending on the model, you can get electric wasp traps for standing, hanging or wall mounting. Above all, it is important to know for which use you need the electric wasp traps. Which pests do you want to get rid of? Especially in the gastronomy, bakery, kitchen it is important to comply with the hygiene standards. In cattle breeding, on the other hand, it is important to consider a stronger device, since the size of the room is crucial.

Here You Will Find Different Electric Wasp Traps

Electric Wasp Trap With Power Grid

It is one of the classics of this technology and puts an end to wasps, biting flies and the like.

Insect Killer With Integrated Fan

Also in this model of electric insect killers, the flying animal is attracted by a UV lamp. The suction of the fan then pulls the insects inside the device, where you can kill them by dehydration or release them elsewhere.

Electric Wasp Trap With Adhesive Technology

UV light also serves as an attractant in this variant. During the approach, the annoying troublemakers get stuck on a greasy adhesive and perish.

Wasp Trap With Built-in Solar Cell

Your LED lamp is charged by the sun during the day and serves as an insect bait after dark.

Which Is The Most Suitable Electric Wasp Trap For Me?

Which wasp trap is best suited for you as pest control depends on several factors. Is the wasp plague large or can you contain it with small means? Do you only need the device for private use or would you like to keep an entire large area free of wasps? Before you buy, please check the specifications for performance and effective range (in square meters). The same applies to fly plagues. Learn how to get rid of fruit flies and blow flies in an uncomplicated way.

If you want to use the electric wasp trap in camping and outdoor areas, you have a choice of battery-powered models.

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