Electric Insect Killer – Wasps, Flies, Insects Effectively Drive Away, Remove, Kill!

Electric Insect Killer – Wasps, Flies, Insects Effectively Drive Away, Remove, Kill!

Especially in the warm season electric insect killers have high season. After all, the months between spring and autumn do not only bring pleasant sunbeams and relaxing outdoor experiences. Insects of all kinds are also attracted by the pleasant temperatures and can quickly become a plague for humans and animals.

If you don’t want to be tormented this summer by annoying blowflies, mosquitoes, wasps and other pests, then effective means are needed to keep them at a proper distance. Experience confirms, however, that pure defence methods often prove to be inadequate and it therefore makes sense to use somewhat harder guns.

What Are The Different Insect Killers?

You will certainly already know the classic insect killer or insect killer. Of course, we are talking here about the so-called glue trap, in which uninvited guests are attracted by a fragrance, for example, and then stick to a very sticky material.

A more modern variant is an electric insect killer, which works according to the same principle, but has additional advanced features. In addition to fragrances, UV rays are also used as an attractant.

An electric insect killer with a current grid in turn exerts an irresistible attraction on flies, mosquitoes and other insects with integrated UV fluorescent tubes. These are finally destroyed when they come into contact with the live current grid.

In addition to the different sizes and designs of fragrance spray, fan and glue trap insect killers, you will also find the so-called HACCP insect killer in our range.

Which Insect Killer Is Suitable For Which Purpose?

Basically, each of our insect killers is characterized by a variety of applications. Accordingly, the products can be used both inside the house and in large areas and larger rooms.

If, for example, you need an effective insect killer that provides you with maximum protection against flies, wasps and other insects on your large area, you have the option of selecting a battery-operated model from our well-stocked range. Wasp plague? Find out how to get the wasp plague under control this summer!

Also the desire for a space-saving use is taken into account by offering insect killers in different versions. Accordingly, you will find products that can be attached to walls and ceilings or simply placed on a table or cupboard.

If, for example, you prefer a low-noise model in the house or office, we recommend an electric insect killer without fan.

For outdoor use, you should choose a product with a particularly high wattage and a large effective range. You will find the relevant information on the packaging of the respective product.

Are Electric Insect Killers Also Suitable For Gastronomy?

Electric insect killers for gastronomy? This question must be answered with a clear “Yes”. With the HACCP insect killer, we offer you a product that has been designed in accordance with the guidelines of the food industry, generally known as ‘Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points’.

In concrete terms, this means that this variant from the “Electric Insectkiller” category guarantees maximum safety with regard to the health of employees, consumers and table guests and can therefore be used without hesitation in the gastronomic sector.

Is It Possible To Use Insect Killers In Large Areas?

As already mentioned, there are numerous models in our product range under the heading “Electric insect killer” that can be set in motion by means of a battery. Accordingly, these insect killers are also suitable for use in large open spaces and large areas. Here you will find an overview of the different insect killers.

The only thing to note here is that you choose a model that can effortlessly cover the used area.

An example: If you use the insect killer in a large area, you need a product with a higher number of square meters. This is because it shows the area on which the insect killer can unfold its effect, i.e. repel insects.

What Does An Electric Insect Killer Cost?

The prices for an electrically operated glue trap range between 100 and 200 Euros, depending on the design. The same applies to fan and HACCP insect killers. Especially in the latter category there are no upper price limits.

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