Annoying Insects: Wasps, Flies, Moths, Mosquitoes – That’s How You Get Rid Of Them!

Annoying Insects: Wasps, Flies, Moths, Mosquitoes – That’s How You Get Rid Of Them!

At the latest in summer, when insects are in high season, a reliable electric mosquito killer is essential.

Whether wasps, flies, moths or mosquitoes: an electric insect killer frees them from uninvited guests – not only in the house, but in the restaurant, kitchen etc. In the following we will tell you which different types of insect killers there are and which variant is best suited for your purposes and for pest control.

What Are The Different Insect Killers?

Electric Insect Killers With Power Grid

Electric insect killers with power grid – When it comes to insects, pure defensive measures are often inadequate – in addition, the effect of defensive sprays usually diminishes very quickly. With an electric insect killer – for example in the form of a current grid – you make the right choice in this case.

The device attracts pests with a fragrance or UV fluorescent tubes. Since the grid is under tension, the insects are killed immediately on contact and prove to be very effective pest control.

Adhesive Traps Insect Killers

The glue trap is the classic among insect killers, because the traps are inexpensive and uncomplicated to use. They usually attract insects with a scent, but there are also variants with light sources. Contact with the adhesive surface is immediately fatal for the pests. They do not fall to the ground, but remain stuck on the adhesive trap.

With us you receive adhesive traps in most diverse remarks, for example models, which you fasten simply under the ceiling or mount at the wall. Also adhesive traps, where the adhesive surface can easily be renewed if required, are available from us. Various pest control methods can easily be ordered online from us.

UV insect killers

UV insect killers in combination – Both power grids and adhesive traps are available with an integrated UV lamp. These devices offer the advantage that various insect species are reliably attracted and immediately eliminated. Alternatively, you can also order power grids and adhesive traps with fragrance from us.

Which Insect Killer Is Suitable For Which Purpose?

The insect killers available from us are versatile, for example:

  • insect killers in the house
  • electric insect killers for all areas
  • in the winter garden
  • in the closed garden house
  • small electric insect killers in the motorhome/camping site
  • at the office
  • professional electric insect killers for gastronomy, animal husbandry and agriculture

If space is limited, we recommend a space-saving model that can be easily mounted under the ceiling or on the wall. Are you looking for an efficient office insect repellent? Then the best choice is a low-noise insect killer that does not require a fan, for example a glue trap.

For large areas, battery-powered devices are particularly recommended as they do not require an external power source. Make sure, however, that the electric insect killer has a sufficiently high wattage and completely covers the used working range. The maximum recommended number of square meters can be found in the product description. Here you will find an overview of other electrical insect killers.

Are Insect Killers Also Suitable For Gastronomy?

Insect killers are also suitable for use in catering establishments. Often they are even indispensable so that employees and guests are not bothered by wasps, mosquitoes and other insects. In principle, pest control is a must in gastronomy.

However, the insect killer must always comply with the guidelines of the food industry (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points – HACCP for short). If these guidelines are not taken into account when choosing an insect killer, high fines may be imposed.

We therefore offer you an electric insect killer that effortlessly meets the HACCP standards and thus ensures maximum safety for the health of employees, consumers and table guests. So you can use the electric insect repellent safely in gastronomic facilities such as restaurants, cafes, bars and beer gardens.

Is The Use Of Insect Killers Hygienically Acceptable?

The use of an insect repellent is hygienically justifiable, as long as you follow a few instructions. For example, we recommend that you always place the devices out of the reach of children and pets.

Remove dead insects at regular intervals and change the adhesive surfaces of adhesive traps if necessary. For the catering trade, you should definitely choose a HACCP model in order to be on the safe side from a legal point of view. Pest control can also be used specifically. Please read our article “Pest control – targeted defence against mosquitoes, gnats, flies and wasps”.

What Does An Insect Killer Cost?

Electric insect killers are a little more expensive with an average of 100 to 200 Euros, but they are extremely efficient and durable. The same applies to insect killers that comply with the HACCP guidelines.

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